Know Your Profitability

Understand your finances to make a good business decisions



Time For Financial Clarity.

We’ve integrated with Quickbooks Online to give you all of your information in one place. The numbers you’re analyzing from the Overview, Procedures, Reactivation and Trends dashboards all affect the bottom line. That is why we put your quickbooks right into the platform so you can see how all the numbers come together to determine your profitability. 



Evaluate Income, Expenses, and Net Profit to make informed business decisions.


Monitor and analyze your vendor expenses to track abnormalities in your spending.


Understand and compare the changes in the financial health of your practice over time.



Features of the Quickbooks Dashboard


Best Practices

Select from a drop-down menu in each square that includes best practice financial time periods (i.e. Current MTD, Last Quarter) to evaluate your financial outlook.

Summary Views

Choose a date range that incorporates multiple months to view individual and total values for income and expenses within the spark-line and summary components of the square.


Specific Data

Drill further into both income and expenses that are separated into individual squares, giving you the flexibility to see specific data without changing the main square. 

Access Permissions

Give each Square Practice user unique dashboard rights and access, customized by the owner of the Quickbooks Online account and practice.

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We Grow With You!


Choose between the multiple platform packages and pricing options to get the dashboards that best matches your needs.

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