Making Analyzing Procedures Simple


Monitoring the results of completed services within your practice will give you and your team the awareness into areas of your practice that are ranking better than others with the ability to analyze specific provider and category achievements. It is key that you not only track your production revenue and profitability benchmarks, but that you fully understand the breakdown by category and average cost. However, it is a lengthy, time consuming process to manually create comparative procedure code reports. Our Procedures Dashboard saves you time by giving you all the details you need within a few seconds.

We make it easy to:


Select any time period you want to analyze and compare.


View a comprehensive breakdown of procedure category performance.




Drill into specific provider or category details.


Use the Procedures Dashboard to:


Select custom date periods to analyze production and compare your selected period of time to the matching previous period of time.

View a comparison summary of each procedure category or analyze individual providers to understand performance.

Drill down into individual procedure rankings among all or selected providers to discover top performing procedure codes.

Understand what procedure categories make up the most (and least) percentage of your revenue to guide your management decisions.

Capture and analyze your unique dental service offerings with procedure codes that aren't ADA specific within its own category.

Determine and evaluate growth rates, procedure mix, counts, values, percentages and averages at the practice and provider level.



End-of-the-Year Dental Benefits Sample Letter

Increase your production at the end of the year by educating your patients on their dental insurance benefits. Send them a letter explaining that most benefits run out at the end of the calendar year to encourage them to make an appointment.

End of the year dental benefits sample letter


Save time evaluating performance with our Procedures Dashboard.


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