Real-Time Practice Intelligence Platform

A smarter way to grow your dental practice

get the metrics that matter for your dental practice

Our platform makes it easy for you to know and understand all the right numbers to make good business decisions for your practice.


Goal Setting and
Provider Management Portal

How do you keep track of the analytics for your practice? Cumbersome software reports? Spreadsheets? Post-its? Learn More


Combine multiple sections of practice management software into our unique and dynamic platform.


Organize all broken appointments of record and all patients who leave without a future appointment.

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Refresh data every 15 minutes keeping you aware of all production and patient retention opportunities as they happen.

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Dental KPI
Intelligence Dashboards

Knowing every angle of your practice means not only having all the numbers, but having them displayed in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. Business decisions can only be made when the numbers are accurate and organized in a way that shows your opportunities for improvement and areas of success. Each dashboard is specifically designed to give you the information you need to grow your dental practice.



Square Practice

Get the dental KPI’s your practice needs sent right to your inbox. With a key focus on daily productivity,  this daily summary email highlights overall practice and individual team data through an easy-to-view daily email. 

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