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Partnering with us doesn’t just add to your business, it multiplies your ROI and that of your clients! The Dental KPI’s that you and your practices need to see are delivered to you in real-time that take the paperwork and guesswork out of the equation and gives you accurate numbers of where your client’s practice is succeeding and where it needs improvement.


Types of Partners

Certified Public Account

As a CPA, you can use Square Practice to help monitor the financial health of your Dental Practice Clients. You can monitor trends in production, their Quickbooks Online application, and collection records including age of accounts receivable and status of their insurance reimbursements.

Dental Practice Broker

As a Broker, you can use Square Practice to help a Dentist or practice owner prepare to sell a practice. You can also evaluate the health of the practice within the dashboards and determine action steps for the practice and the Dentist.

Dental Service Organizations

Square Practice helps your account managers manage multiple practices in one place while also giving the individual dental practice a powerful tool to help achieve you and the practice's financial goals.

Financial Advisors

As a Financial Advisor, you can use Square Practice to understand profitability and future revenue projections of the practice to ensure the doctor is on their projected path towards their financial goals, including retirement.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can not only monitor social media and google analytics, but you can measure the success of your marketing campaigns by the increase in production numbers, new patient appointments, retention and reactivation statistics. Stop the guess work and dive into actual ROI numbers of your campaigns without waiting on the practice to provide you with manually created performance reports.

Practice Management Consultants

Using Square Practice as a consultant is a no-brainer. You can get a daily performance email sent right to your phone to help coach your clients on areas that need improvement and celebrate the wins of the day! You don't have to sift through manual reports. View all your clients with a single sign-on to see in real-time how they are performing in any time frame.

Practice Management Software Solutions

Integrate with Square Practice to give your customers more than the basics of a practice management system. Elevate your own product with our real-time, mobile business intelligence platform that pulls data from your system delivering incredible results for your users.

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Why Partner with Us? 

  • Benefits

  • Real-Time Data and Reporting
  • KPI's automatically analyzed saving you time
  • Daily reports sent to your inbox
  • Accurate data to make great recommendations
  • Variety of plans to fit you and your client's needs
  • Additional customer support
  • Features

  • Manage Multiple Accounts in One Place
  • Customize New Dashboards (add on)
  • White Label Options (add on)
  • Cloud Based and Fully Encrypted
  • Proprietary Integrator pulls data every 15 minutes
  • Dashboard sharing and publishing options

Find a partnership option that works for you!


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